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After 2 months, True Grind Systems is back and ready to present a better product than ever before. During the mandatory shut down, we have been hard at work. We have moved into a brand new facility, upgraded equipment, and have been tirelessly working on developing a program that exceeds what we’ve ever been able to offer in the past, in spite of COVID-19.

That being said, we have modified our programming and way of doing things to better accommodate the health and safety of our athletes and coaches.

  • All Athletes will have their tempature checked at the front desk.
  • All Athletes will be given disinfectant for their hands before entering the floor.
  • Each training session will be 75 minutes every 90 minutes to give coaches 15 minutes to wipe down the equipment that was  used before the next group of athletes enters.
  • Each session will be capped at 20 athletes with 3 – 4 coaches on the floor.
  • Athletes will have approximately 250 square feet for distancing.

All programs will consist of 3 days a week of strength training and 2 days a week of speed training. The speed training will be done off site, on your own or on site with our Speed Specialist Travis Goyeneche, for a small additional cost.

Each athlete will begin with a thorough movement assessment. This helps us create a complete customized strength and conditioning program that addresses what the athlete wants and needs. This will get you stronger and more explosive while correcting any m ovemnet dysfunction, keeping the athletes as durable and reapeatable as possible.

During this crisis, we have strived to maintain the ability to deliver an affordable, World Class product to YOU!

Spots are limited, please call 512-542-1023 immediately to get signed up.


  • Monday – Saturday
    • 10:30am – 11:45am
    • 12:00pm – 1:15pm
    • 1:30pm – 2:45pm
    • 3:00pm – 4:15pm
    • 4:30pm – 5:45pm


  • Complete Movement Screen: $50 (50% discount)
  • Strength Training: $200/month (33% discount)
  • Travis Goyeneche Speed Training: $100/month
What we can offer you

Speed and Power

The best athletes in the world aren’t always the biggest or the strongest, but they know how to maximally utilize every bit of strength they possess. There’s a reason more and more people are integrating plyometric, speed and agility programs; the literature shows this type of training will enhance peak power and even reduce injuries. These sorts of skills should be practiced under the supervision of experts incorporating proper prescription and progressions to prevent injuries. Don’t be another athlete looking…

Athlete Development

This is our foundational strength and power training program for the development of high school, college and professional level athletes. This program is intense in nature and is geared toward developing athletes who want to perform at his or her absolute peak level. Customized Athletic Training All athletes who enter this program are required to be evaluated by a member of our staff and have a plan put in place for the athlete’s individual needs. A “cookie cutter” approach to…

Baseball Development

Beyond our individualized training programs we also offer a wide range of tools, tech and techniques to help our baseball athletes. From our years of experience working with youth, high school, college and pro players we need to stay on top of the most advanced methods of training and recovery. Our Pitcher development uses technology from Rapsodo to analyze speed, spin rates and rotation of pitches, Driveline products are used to improve arm strength and the Core Velocity Belt is…

Youth Performance Development

This program is specifically designed to improve all aspects of youth performance development. We require our youth athletes to move in a variety of patterns with varying degrees of resistance and in different energy systems. This results in the development of baseline strength, mobility and work capacity (conditioning) which is sorely needed in most youth development programs. This program is designed to teach youth athletes to move correctly and to break the bad habits associated with single sport athletes. This…


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What they say about us

“True Grind Systems put together a complete training program specifically for me. The combination of quality programming, manual therapy, corrective exercises, and diet consultation has me ready to play my best baseball.”


Tucker Pennell – San Diego Padres

“Without question, True Grind Systems has prepared me to play at my best. They are a big part of my plan to play this game at the highest levels.”

Sam McDonnell – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

“Over the last three seasons, I have put my full trust in True Grind Systems to prepare me for the grind of the professional baseball season. The Staff is knowledgeable and care about every athlete they train.”

Jason Krizan – Detroit Tigers

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