Why you should Grind with Us

We attempt to be very clear from the beginning as to the reason you should grind with us and clearly define our beliefs as coaches and performance partners.

1. We believe that every athlete deserves the opportunity to realize his or her maximum athletic potential.
2. We believe that strength training in movement patterns is the necessary base for sports specific skill.
3. We want all of our athletes to take 100% responsibility for his or her success.
4. Trust, Love and Commitment are necessary for success in athletics as well as in life.

As a parent of a high school level athlete looking to play his or her sport at a higher level, collegiately or professionally, I am sure you have heard these words from an organization vying for your hard earned dollars, “If your athlete comes and plays for us, we will get them committed to a college.” As performance coaches, we will never make you that promise. We will present you with facts.

Fact #1: The only person who can get your son or daughter a college scholarship is your son or daughter.

There are so many pieces involved in getting a college to commit to giving you money for your education it is not a simple as being in front of a school at a tournament or showcase. Academics plays a significant role in college decision making. Long term development of sports specific skills and movement enhancement are important pieces as well. Most importantly, Your son or daughters commitment to being the best version of themselves they can be every day. We are partners with you in prioritizing and organizing all of the necessary pieces to increase the likelihood of success in sport.

Fact #2: The number one feedback most athletes get from college and professional coaches and scouts while they are still in high school is “You need to get bigger and stronger.”

There is a reason that nearly half of the baseball rosters at Texas Junior Colleges are filled by players from the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Those athletes understand that in order to get to the United States and play baseball, they need to be as dominate physically as they are with their baseball skills. I had a Junior College coach tell me that he goes and recruits kids from Puerto Rico because they have the physicality to meet the demands of 30 fall games and then 50 plus spring games their freshman year, while Texas kids cannot physically handle to load. The coach went on to say that he does not have the time or ability to red shirt a freshman because he only has them two years. With this fact in hand, most parents still pay little attention to physical development as a significantly important piece of high level athletic success. We have a long term developmental plan to prepare your son or daughter to out perform the competition at the their current level and the next.

Fact #3  Our Success as coaches is totally reliant upon the success of our athletes.

Our athletes speak for us. We do not taunt the success of our business, but instead, praise our athletes on the success they have achieved through their hard work and commitment. The highest level performers in any endeavor are always the ones willing to work harder and commit deeper than others. Our success is being able to put the proper pieces in place for the athlete and allow them to perform at an optimum level physically and mentally.

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