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Here is a brief excerpt:

Every coach has experienced the frustration of repeating themselves over and over again. You’ve explained it every way possible and for some reason your athlete just can’t physically make the adjustment. This is a disaster and not a fun place to be in. It’s very easy for the coach’s frustration to boil over to the athlete. Causing, the athlete to go from excited to defeated, hopeful to discouraged, and now a deep state of confusion sets in about why he can’t do what his coach is asking. We are now approaching a worse case scenario.

The other day, a 14 year old athlete of ours was hitting in the cage with our hitting instructor. This young man is a little undersized but extremely determined and knows how to get after it in the weight room. During the short time he’s been working with True Grind System’s remote programming we’ve seen monster gains. In the past 5 weeks he’s jumped up 11.5 lbs of body weight, increased his velocity from 4-5 mph and set a new PR topping out at 71 mph off the mound. Weighing in at 150 lbs, he safety bar squats over 250 lbs and trapbar pulls just shy of 300 lbs. He’s an exciting athlete to work with and wants nothing more than to please his coaches, great attitude. He’s the type of athlete who is extremely technical and takes every instruction to the T. We all know this guy: fun to work with, very eager to please, and wants to do everything right.

Anyways, during his cage time…

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You Have to Move to Hit