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Facing the Reality About “The Arm” Injury

Before I begin this rant, allow me to give you some background information about myself and how this topic came about. Since 2015, I’ve been a pitcher at an NAIA school in Texas. Before I set foot on a college campus, I had already gone through two elbow surgeries: an ulnar nerve transposition in February of 2013 during my senior year of high school, and an ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction – commonly referred to as Tommy John – later that…

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Youth Baseball- Build An Athletic Base First

While most of the country is still under a blanket of snow, the high school baseball season in Texas started when teams could begin spring practice on January 27, 2017. This day, annually, signifies the start of baseball across the state of Texas. Within the next couple of weeks, youth select and travel baseball will begin the spring season. For a large number of youth baseball players, this also is the first time they have had to get up and…

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What I Wish I knew as a Student Athlete Part 1; Sprinting Mechanics

The phases of running never seemed to be a topic of discussion when it came time for test week throughout my football career. We ran 40-yard dashes every year, yet—maybe it was because I was an offensive lineman—we got skipped over when it came time to learn proper sprinting mechanics. I can’t remember one time when the coaches critiqued us on our form while running the all-important 40-yard dash, other than a “pump your arms” cue or the always helpful…

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Would Nolan Ryan Be Nolan Ryan Today (Part Two)

Would Nolan Ryan Be Nolan Ryan Today (Part Two of Two) Scott Lando As I had stated in part one of this blog, there are real road blocks in place today that could very well keep a young athlete from ever reaching his or her true athletic potential. Unlike the sports world of 50 years ago, today’s sport world has become big business and youth sport is a big part of those dollars. Understanding sport as a business and being…

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Youth Sports: Get a Head Start on Performance with these Three Tips

Watching youth athletes competing in specialized sports at an early age has opened my eyes to common movement problems that appear across a wide variety of sports. Without the understanding of what is necessary to prepare youth athletes for sports specific skills, some youth coaches and parents send the athlete out onto the field or court to perform without training basic movement skills. These basic skills reduce injury rates and help to insure athletic improvement over time. I believe that…

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