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Brandon Janecka joins Hitting Daily as Contributing Author

We are so proud of Brandon and his first contribution to Bobby Tewksbary’s Hitting Daily. Brandon will be the contributing author for the Strength & Conditioning category. This is a paid, members only website but we encourage you to check out the free trial if you want to learn from the best about hitting a baseball. Here is a brief excerpt: Every coach has experienced the frustration of repeating themselves over and over again. You’ve explained it every way possible…

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PitchTracker Smart Baseball for baseball pitcher development

Pitcher Development using Rapsodo Pitching Monitor vs Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker vs Strike Smart Baseball

The first time I saw the Rapsodo Pitching Monitor on display at Lantz Wheeler’s Pitch-a-Palooza 2016, I knew it was going to change the way we develop pitchers. Pitchers and coaches were going to have access to data they never had before. That data would lead to new insights on how to improve a pitcher’s development in a somewhat affordable solution. Anybody paying any attention to this space has heard about the amazing work Trevor Bauer has done while at…

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The Weekly Grind 2-23-18

Some great finds to share this week as Baseball Spring Training gets started and many of our Youth, High School and College baseball/softball players are back out on the field. Blue Jays’ Stroman adding sidearm delivery to keep hitters off-balance – This is what true athleticism allows you do. “He attributes this ability to the core and lower-body strength that he generates from an unconventional training program that balances lifting, flexibility and core work.” He also understands the challenges of…

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Is a 2500 Spin rate on a 60 mile per hour curveball possible or normal?

In today’s game of baseball – more than ever velocity is king. If you watch a MLB game it is commonplace to see multiple pitchers for both teams throw 95+ MPH. This has had a trickle down effect to MILB, college, high school and youth levels with everyone throwing for the gun. SO how can we evaluate a pitcher who does not throw as hard as his contemporaries? By using a device called Rapsodo. Rapsodo is a machine that sets…

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