Summer Grind ’18 Results

This summer was our first year running our Summer Grind Course here at True Grind Systems. This course was geared towards college athletes, but anyone who was not playing summer baseball could attend. The program was designed to be intense and would cause more harm than good to anyone playing competitively. Our goal was to combine the strength and conditioning training, preventive care, education and the skill training that we offer our professional players in the off-season. The program lasted…

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What I Wish I knew as a Student Athlete Part 2; How to warm up

What I Wish I knew as a Student Athlete Part 2; How to warm up Thinking back to my high school football days we worked out a ton. We had practice during the period and then after school, around 3 hours a day. Seems like a long time right? During the season I remember spending less than 5 minutes “warming-up” and then going right into some full speed drills. Seemed like a good idea at the time I mean nobody…

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Speed Secrets

Secrets for Speed Speed is great, there’s no denying it, but there can be too much of a good thing. What good is all the speed in the world if you can’t control it (see clip below)? The one exception would be in the track world, where running in a straight line can bring you the title of world’s greatest. For all other athletes there typically is a time when you will need to slow down and change directions, then…

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