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PitchTracker Smart Baseball for baseball pitcher development

Pitcher Development using Rapsodo Pitching Monitor vs Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker vs Strike Smart Baseball

The first time I saw the Rapsodo Pitching Monitor on display at Lantz Wheeler’s Pitch-a-Palooza 2016, I knew it was going to change the way we develop pitchers. Pitchers and coaches were going to have access to data they never had before. That data would lead to new insights on how to improve a pitcher’s development in a somewhat affordable solution. Anybody paying any attention to this space has heard about the amazing work Trevor Bauer has done while at…

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Is a 2500 Spin rate on a 60 mile per hour curveball possible or normal?

In today’s game of baseball – more than ever velocity is king. If you watch a MLB game it is commonplace to see multiple pitchers for both teams throw 95+ MPH. This has had a trickle down effect to MILB, college, high school and youth levels with everyone throwing for the gun. SO how can we evaluate a pitcher who does not throw as hard as his contemporaries? By using a device called Rapsodo. Rapsodo is a machine that sets…

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Learning Intent- The Ferry Silk Mill and the 10 Cent Super Pinky

Within the sport of baseball, the word “intent” has become a buzzword over the last couple of years. What is “intent?” We should look to the definition of intention, which states as: purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct. In the baseball world, we see “intent” as giving a certain level of effort in order to produce a desired effect. An example of this in baseball is the batter having the “intent” to hit the…

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Youth Baseball-Build an Athletic Base (Part 2)

As I had addressed in part one of this blog, building a strong athletic base in youth sport would not only enhance athletic performance in sport, but will also create a bulletproof body that is less susceptible to injury. With long-term development of the athlete being our primary concern in youth sports, moving properly should be addressed early and often. The 7 essential elements that I consider the building blocks of athletic development give the coach and athletes a strong…

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Youth Baseball- Build An Athletic Base First

While most of the country is still under a blanket of snow, the high school baseball season in Texas started when teams could begin spring practice on January 27, 2017. This day, annually, signifies the start of baseball across the state of Texas. Within the next couple of weeks, youth select and travel baseball will begin the spring season. For a large number of youth baseball players, this also is the first time they have had to get up and…

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Youth Sports: Get a Head Start on Performance with these Three Tips

Watching youth athletes competing in specialized sports at an early age has opened my eyes to common movement problems that appear across a wide variety of sports. Without the understanding of what is necessary to prepare youth athletes for sports specific skills, some youth coaches and parents send the athlete out onto the field or court to perform without training basic movement skills. These basic skills reduce injury rates and help to insure athletic improvement over time. I believe that…

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