Our Team

Brandon Janecka

Brandon Janecka

Co-owner, Strength & Conditioning Program Development

Brandon was born and raised in Austin, and graduated Texas State University in 2011 with a major in Exercise & Sports Science and a minor in Business Administration. (more…)


Travis Goyeneche

Speed & Agility, Youth & Adult

I have been obsessed with the human body and all of its abilities for as long as I can remember. I enjoy teaching and learning all forms of movement and athletic skill. (more…)

Scott Lacey

Scott Lacey

Baseball Skill Development Coordinator, Hitting & Pitching Instructor

Energy and intent guide everything we do and everything we want to be! Having the right intent and mindset in your training can take you to new heights as a player. (more…)

Katie Turner

Kati Turner

Softball Development, Pitching Instuctor

Growing up in Georgetown, Kati has 16 years of experience in the central Texas softball community. (more…)

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