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The Daily Grind is an adult fitness and performance class designed to help you move, feel, and look better. We use the same passion and program philosophy that continues to bring success to our athletes. Incorporating weights, plyometrics, speed, structured programming, and the proper mind-set, this program will increase your strength, power, and work capacity (conditioning). This program will take participants through the entire process necessary in making lasting, positive change in their overall fitness. Most adults often neglect their fitness because of constraints on their time. Most noticeably, parents who not only work a full time job, but also spend large amounts of time providing for the wellness of their children find themselves ignoring their own fitness needs. This program will allow the adult client the opportunity to improve many neglected aspects of overall health and fitness. It is certainly more desirable for an adult to take charge of their own wellness and fitness than to end up under a doctor’s care with a handful of prescription drugs to take. This program is for all adults regardless of age or gender who are interested in taking charge of their lives and their bodies.


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