Athlete Development

This is our foundational strength and power training program for the development of high school, college and professional level athletes. This program is intense in nature and is geared toward developing athletes who want to perform at his or her absolute peak level.

Customized Athletic Training

All athletes who enter this program are required to be evaluated by a member of our staff and have a plan put in place for the athlete’s individual needs. A “cookie cutter” approach to training athletes will never address the distinct needs of each individual athlete. Training athletes requires performance coaches to take athletes through varied training phases geared to peak the athlete during his or her athletic season.

We use phases of strength, hypertrophy, power, and work capacity (conditioning) to prepare the athlete for competition. All athletes go through an assessment that allows us to personally prescribed correctives based on postural, mobility, stability, and motor control issues. We can then combine our performance phases with any of the corrective channels.

Sports Performance Training for Baseball, Volleyball & Other Sports

In recent years, we have concentrated our efforts in sports performance training to a couple of sports such as volleyball and baseball. This, by no way, means that we are not versed in training athletes in a multitude of competitive sports. In the last two years alone, we have trained athletes in basketball, golf, track and field, soccer, and rugby.  We provide an our athletes with a plan of action to perform at their peak level in competition.

Sound, baseline methodologies based on developing movement within an athlete instead of training body parts and energy systems as individual pieces has proven itself to be an extremely effective way to produce high performance athletes. Our baseball athletes play at a variety of levels including the Major Leagues. We have Volleyball athletes playing college volleyball in both court and sand disciplines. As recently as the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, True Grind athletes competed in both track and field and “7’s” Rugby.

Athlete Development Pricing

  • Initial assessment- $99
  • Monthly Training Program- $250/ month (unlimited)

Our athletes are making impressions across their sports and we can say that this is a direct result of our Athletic Development program. Contact us to get your athlete’s development started.

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