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Batting Cage with HitTrax

Beyond our individualized training programs we also offer a wide range of tools, tech and techniques to help our baseball athletes. From our years of experience working with youth, high school, college and pro players we need to stay on top of the most advanced methods of training and recovery.

Our Pitcher development uses technology from Rapsodo to analyze speed, spin rates and rotation of pitches, Driveline products are used to improve arm strength and the Core Velocity Belt is used to improve hip/core proprioception and movement patterns.

Our Hitter development includes our indoor batting cage with HitTrax to show how batted balls would perform in MLB stadiums, measuring exit velocity and launch angles.

Of course this development helps us deliver quantified results for our athletes, before during and after the season. However, we also take in-season recovery very seriously and have several protocols to speed muscle recovery, enhance performance, prevent injuries & relieve pain.

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