Speed and Power

The best athletes in the world aren’t always the biggest or the strongest, but they know how to maximally utilize every bit of strength they possess. There’s a reason more and more people are integrating plyometric, speed and agility programs; the literature shows this type of training will enhance peak power and even reduce injuries. These sorts of skills should be practiced under the supervision of experts incorporating proper prescription and progressions to prevent injuries. Don’t be another athlete looking for a short cut, take the time to master movements, learn the progressions and slowly apply higher intensity training.

To tap into your potential power production, you must first establish a movement foundation and pair it with strength training. Once you have strength and control of your body, then you are ready to start small doses of specific skills training. The Speed and Power (SAP) class will focus on speed and agility in a movement-first-and-skills-second approach. This class with teach you new skills and refine your current skills to the point of making them seem effortless. It is not just another conditioning program where you get tangled in the agility ladder and run sprints until you barf. Developing and honing the ability to transition from one skill to the next is what I find most important in developing athletes.  It’s not enough to be  able to jump 40 inches off the ground once. In actual game play you may have to run, then jump and catch, then run in a new direction.

Each session will start with soft tissue care or SMR (sefl-myofascial  release) then ROM protocols taking hips and shoulders through full range of motion leaving stiffness a thing of the past. Once the joints are prepped we begin our activation and dynamic warm-up slowing turning up the body heat and the complexity of drills. Once each athlete has been fully prepped we begin our skill of the day and then finish with some light accessory work such as ab/core or hip stability and mobility drills.

Don’t let your untapped potential go to waste.
Learn skills that will improve your:
  • Sprinting mechanics
  • Quickness
  • Peak Power
  • Multi Directional running
  • Plyometric training
What you will need:
  • Positive mindset
  • Strong work ethic
  • Water
  • Turf shoes

Speed and Power

  • 1x a week- $80/month
  • 2x a week- $155/month
  • 3x a week- $185/month

Reserve your spot now! Space is limited.

​Call 512-968-4405 or 512-619-2773


Each class will be instructed by our newest member of the TGS team, Travis Goyeneche.

Learn more about Coach Travis below.

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