Youth Performance Development

This program is specifically designed to improve all aspects of youth performance development. We require our youth athletes to move in a variety of patterns with varying degrees of resistance and in different energy systems. This results in the development of baseline strength, mobility and work capacity (conditioning) which is sorely needed in most youth development programs.

This program is designed to teach youth athletes to move correctly and to break the bad habits associated with single sport athletes. This program is designed for kids between the ages of 11 and 13. Though these ages capture a wide variety of developmental changes, movement in multiple directions, using different energy systems and ingraining the intent to move with speed and purpose are necessary to perform in competition regardless of age or sport.

We have noticed an increasing number of youth athletes who, at a very young age, begin to specialize in one specific sport. Though we believe that participating in athletic competition and sport will improve the ability of children to work together as a team, interact in a group setting, and learn to accept and move forward from failure, it has become very apparent that our youth are losing the ability to move correctly regardless of the sport they play.

As parents, it was easy to rely on Physical Education classes at school or outside playtime with friends in the neighborhood to development baseline strength and movement competency, however today, most children are hooked to electronic devices and never get to physically move on a daily basis. Parents have now turned to sports to fill the need of physical fitness. Unfortunately, most kids and parents get locked in on a single sport which over time, will lead to the ingraining of sports specific movement patterns. Moving in one pattern, a baseball swing for example, can itself lead to dysfunction in human movement. One direction, one sided and in one pattern, will not develop a youth athlete in a well rounded manner.

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