Baseball Hitting Instruction in Indoor Batting Cages with HitTrax

Come be a part of the most advanced hitting program in Central Texas!

The three goals of the program are

  • Hitting the ball further and harder
  • Have a repeatable swing that the athlete understands
  • Being able to hit multiple pitches and speeds

Developing a Hitter Takes More Than Just Taking Swings in a Batting Cage

It is our belief at True Grind that the more you do something, the better you will become at that discipline. When it comes to hitting, the more time you spend feeling out and learning your swing the better you can become at mastering it in a game. This program is not someone flipping front toss to them for a half an hour in a cage shouting out a couple of cues to collect their time slot fee. It is an approach that uses all of the data and information given to make adjustments that athletes feel and understand on their own.

Our program consists of using under/overload bats (20% heavier and 20% lighter), HitTrax and Diamond Kinetics. We will take a baseline assessment and video of your athlete and break down the areas in which we need to focus and improve on. From the assessment a custom development program for your athlete will be created to suit their needs to correct any movement issues within the swing. Along with the hitting plan, we have the option to include a strength, mobility and speed program. This program rapidly enhances their abilities to move athletically and achieve their goals.

Baseball Batting cage with HitTraxBatting Cage with HitTrax To Increase Fun & Learning

At True Grind we have a HitTrax, which allows the player to hit on their favorite MLB field! It also allows us to track metrics such as Exit Velocity, DIstance, Launch Angle and Point of Contact. Using these helps the athlete see what is really happening on the field and the areas in which they need to improve. We also pair it with a Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker, which shows us the bat path, speed and approach angle.

We use under/overload bats to give the athlete a proprioceptive feel about where the barrel is during the swing. When given a heavier bat to swing, most players swing mechanics break down – as they are trying to swing something that is unfamiliar to them. As time progress the body will self organize to figure out how it needs to move in order to efficiently move the heavier implement. We use two different over weighted bats – handle weighted and barrel weighted. This gives the player two vastly different  feels for how to swing and get the barrel through. The Underload bat is bat that is the same length but 20% lighter than the normal bat they swing. This will allow them to move at a faster rate of speed than normal, which quite simply allows their bodies to understand that it can move fast.

Starting with our Hitter Development Program

For $200 a month you will be able to come as many days as you want! If you wish to come five days a week too – you can! We will always have someone on the floor to work with your athlete. We employ this style to get athletes in the gym more often, which can allow them to vastly improve on their skills.

If you are interested in learning more or getting started call Scott Lacey at 512-300-8625.

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