Baseball/Softball Youth after-school Hitter’s Club with HitTrax

Young athlete getting stronger at True GrindIs your youth baseball or softball player (ages approximately 10-13) looking to:

  • Increase bat speed
  • Produce consistent, solid contact
  • Hit with more power
  • Feel more confident at the plate
  • Improve the quality & consistency of their game

Are they looking for a bit of a competitive edge? We know that the kid’s who ultimately continue to progress in their sport are the ones who get additional training and practice outside of the limited team practices. Consider this as a supplement to your child’s in season team practices.

The Core Velocity Belt in useWe want to help your youth athletes develop like the pros who train with us:

  • Develop their athleticism and move like the pros
  • Increase their hand-eye coordination for more consistency
  • Get stronger and more powerful to throw harder and hit further
  • Learn the keys to maintain a healthy body through their athletic career
  • Plus we’ll use the same tools that our pros use: HitTrax, Core Velocity Belt, etc.

Our hitting programs will run from 4:30-6:30 pm. We will deliver a FUNctional program with an enjoyable atmosphere that teaches the foundation of what athletes need to succeed.

Have questions? Come on by and check out our facility and trainers.

Your investment:

First time class trial is just $20!

  • 1x/week = $120/month
  • 2x/week = $200/month

Your trainers:

Brandon Janecka

Born and raised in Austin, Brandon started playing baseball at a very early age. He quickly fell in love with the sport and devoted much of his time around the game. He graduated Bowie High School in 2006 where he was a 3 year letterman as a catcher. After his senior year, an injury took him away from baseball and left a new found passion towards helping others succeed in the game he loves so much. Brandon graduated Texas State University with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and began working as a strength & conditioning coach. Eventually, Brandon became one of the founders of True Grind Systems and works alongside youth, high school, collegiate, and professional baseball players on a daily basis.

Kati Turner

Growing up in Georgetown, Kati has 16 years of experience in the central Texas softball community. She started playing at a young age and was a 4 year Varsity starter for Georgetown High School. She then continued her softball career, pitching for Concordia University Texas in Austin where she majored in childhood development. Kati has been a fast pitch softball instructor since 2012 and joined the True Grind Family in December 2017. Kati is very passionate about working with and helping out our youth; especially when it comes to enhancing their level of play.

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