Softball Pitching Lessons with Kati Turner

softball pitching at True GrindAll girls deserve the chance to reach their fullest potential, becoming better pitchers, athletes, and confident young women. I believe that in order to be a great softball pitcher you need to be the best athlete you can be. This means being able to move with ease and grace and being able to outwork your competition. With the help of our functional fitness & strength coaches, the girls are able to gain knowledge of how their bodies work and are able to perform to their best abilities. Everyone at True Grind Systems is committed to helping your daughter succeed at the next level.

Softball Coaching with Compassion & Fun

Youth Softball Pitching lessonWhen instructing pitching I like to communicate in ways that not only make it easy for the girls to understand but in ways that make it fun for them as well. At the end of each session I want the girls to leave with more knowledge and excitement than they came with. Pitching should be fun and enjoyable so I make the instruction and practice the same way. Patience is the key to keeping the environment light and fun. We’ve all seen those instructors that scream and yell at the athletes and get nowhere, there is no trust within the instructor/pitcher relationship and there is definitely no fun. Being able to patiently communicate the instruction in a fun way is going to develop trust, confidence, and a deeper love for the game.

Softball Lessons with State of the Art Equipment

When you bring your daughter to True Grind Systems you are not only allowing her to work with some of the best coaches but also allowing her to work with some of the best equipment in the game of both softball and baseball. When giving pitching instructions, one of the devices that I like to utilize is our Rapsodo Pitching Monitor. The Rapsodo is a device that allows us to see real data on each pitch. It measures speed, spin rate, spin efficiency, spin axis, and horizontal and vertical break all on a 3D ball flight. I love using this because it allows me to show the pitchers exactly how each pitch is moving and how to fix it all in a way that they can visibly see and is easier for them to comprehend. The instant feedback is the what separates this piece of technology and allows me to be more efficient with my coaching.

With the commitment of our team and the access to the most advanced and up to date equipment, I strive to give every pitcher the best opportunity to reach her fullest potential.

Contact Kati Turner by phone or text at (512) 635-4774 to schedule your softball player’s assessment and first lesson.

Your Softball Development Instructor:

Katie TurnerKati Turner

Growing up in Georgetown, Kati has 16 years of experience in the central Texas softball community. She started playing at a young age and was a 4 year Varsity starter for Georgetown High School. She then continued her softball career, pitching for Concordia University Texas in Austin where she majored in childhood development. Kati has been a fast pitch softball instructor since 2012 and joined the True Grind Family in December 2017. Kati is very passionate about working with and helping out our youth; especially when it comes to enhancing their level of play.

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