The Summer Grind – College & High-Level High School Baseball Development

Whether it’s on the mound, at the plate or in the field, this complete program is designed to help you perform at your absolute highest level. It’s designed for players who are looking to prioritize their development over just getting more innings under their belt. In other words, if you’re seeking to add muscle and increase power while learning a new pitch, fine tuning your swing or addressing nagging aches and pain then you’re in the right spot.

True Grind gym
Our goal is to combine the strength and conditioning training, preventive care, education and the skill training that baseball has at its most elite level to keep you healthy and performing at your fullest potential.

Pitcher development with Rapsodo

Each athlete will begin with a thorough assessment that allows us to create a complete customized strength, conditioning and performance program. This will get you bigger and stronger, correct any dysfunction, as well as an individualized throwing/hitting regimen. These programs are intense by nature and consist of six days a week of training. Four of those six days will be “two-a-days” with skill training (pitching/hitting) in the morning followed by the weight room in the afternoon.

For our pitchers, we integrate Core Velocity Belt, long toss, and bullpens complete with video analysis, Rapsodo, Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker and Motus Sleeve. Our hitters will be utilizing overload/underload bats, Core Velocity Belt, and HitTrax.

Hitting Lessons with HitTrax

Every athlete will receive education and guidance on improving recovery. To help with this recovery, athletes will have access to MarcPro, nutritional consulting and weekly manual therapy.

All of this in a motivating environment where athletes can empower each other to push harder and develop the mindset and mental fortitude to succeed.




  • Starts: Monday, May 14th
  • Ends: Friday, August 10th


  • $1400 per athlete upfront or $500/month per athlete

Contact us to get started or call 512-542-1023.

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