Baseball Pitching Lessons & Mechanics Instruction

Come be a part of the most comprehensive pitching program in Central Texas!

The three goals of the program are:

  • Throwing Harder
  • Staying healthy and injury free
  • Having better command of pitches to attack hitters

Pitcher Development begins with an Assessment & Individualized Program

Pitcher assessment and mechanics reviewWe achieve these by using our process which starts with an extensive assessment from our lead strength & mobility trainer, Brandon Janecka. In this assessment, we will discover any movement flaws and potential issues that may be holding back velocity or putting the athlete at risk of injury. As movement, or stability issues are discovered, a corrective list will be given that way we can head off any “mechanical issues” or injuries before they happen. In order from them to achieve their velocity goals, we have the option to include a full strength and conditioning program. This is a personalized workout that works alongside with the Pitching Program to understand quality movement patterns and how to enhance their performance.

Along with the correctives, the athlete will given a throwing program based off of their needs through the assessment process. In this throwing program we will use Lantz Wheeler’s Core Velocity Belt, Driveline Plyo Care balls, the Motus Sleeve and a Rapsodo Pitching monitor.

Pitcher reviewing Rapsodo pitch monitorPitcher Development Tools Used by Professionals

The Core Velocity Belt program will clean up mechanical inefficiencies in the lower half, allowing athletes to move freer and feel their movements. Driveline Baseball Plyo Care balls will be used for improving their arm path – which will allow them to be more efficient in their motions. The Motus Sleeve will be worn for all throwing, this allows us to track: Arm Speed, stress, arm angle, and shoulder rotation so we can manage the stresses placed on the arm, to help regulate their overall programming. The Rapsodo Pitching device will be used for athletes to see their spin rates, tilt axis, velocity and horizontal and vertical break. This allows us to create pitches to better fit their style pitching.

More Than Just Pitching Lessons

Pitching Lesson with professional Pitcher Yohan FlandeFor $200 a month you will be able to come as many days as you want! If you wish to come five days a week to – you can! We will always have someone on the floor to work with your athlete! We employ this style to get athletes in the gym more often, which can allow them to vastly improve on their skills. This is not your typical pitching lesson where a coach sits on a bucket and says the same cues over and over again. Not everyday will be a pitching day and on those non-pitching days is where the magic happens. Those are days where the building of powerful quality movement patterns are learned and applied! Instead of relying on just what a coach or instructor says – the athlete can rely on what they FEEL, which in a game setting is all they have! By them learning and trusting what they feel, they have a much better sense for how to adjust themselves and make corrections on their own.

If you are interested in learning more or getting started call Scott Lacey at 512-300-8625.

Some of our Pitchers:

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