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Summer Grind 88

Summer Grind 88 is our 10 week baseball development program geared towards the athletes who are not playing summer baseball. Whether it’s on the mound, at the plate or in the field, this complete program is designed to help you perform at your absolute highest level. It’s designed for players who are looking to prioritize their development over just getting more innings under their belt. In other words, if you’re seeking to add muscle and increase power while learning a new pitch, fine tuning your swing or addressing nagging aches and pain then you’re in the right spot.


Our goal is to combine the strength and conditioning training, preventive care, education and the skill training that baseball has at its most elite level to keep you healthy and performing at your fullest potential.

These programs are intense by nature and consist of five days a week of training. Four of those five days will be “two-a-days” with skill training in the morning followed by the weight room in the afternoon. Like the name suggests, there will be 8 hours per week of hitting development and 8 hours per week of pitching development.

Strength and Conditioning

Each athlete will begin with a thorough movement/strength assessment that allows us to create a complete customized strength and conditioning program that will address not only what they want, but what they need as well. This will get you stronger and more explosive while correcting any movement dysfunction, keeping the athletes as durable and repeatable as possible.


Each athlete will get to work with our speed specialist, Travis Goyeneche. Travis works with professional baseball players, as well as, Olympic track and rugby athletes from around the world. His program is designed to increase overall speed and agility on the baseball field. Every athlete will learn proper form and technique, while working on getting muscles to fire faster with more explosion. So whether it’s running faster on the bases, getting to more ground balls or chasing down more pop flys, Travis covers it.


Pitcher development with RapsodoEach pitcher will go through a full pitching assessment from our pitching specialist, Scott Lacey. He will develop a throwing program aimed to add more velocity, movement, and consistency. Scott will also be implementing his pitch design program with each pitcher to help each pitcher use his natural ability to conceive the best pitch arsenal possible. Using valuable technology like high-speed video analysis, Rapsodo, Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker and K-Motion, Scott can match the best pitches with each pitcher.


Our hitters will go through a full hitting assessment using technology like: BodiTrak, K-Motion, and HitTrax. Then, each athlete will get a fully customized hitting program created by Bobby Tewksbary (hitting coach to back-to-back MLB MVPs). The hitters will spend the entire summer working on increasing power, consistency, pitch recognition, eliminating holes in their swing and overall becoming a better hitter.



Every athlete will receive education and guidance on improving recovery. To help with this recovery, athletes will have access to MarcPro, nutritional consulting and weekly manual therapy. All of this in a motivating environment where athletes can empower each other to push harder and develop the mindset and mental fortitude to succeed.

2018 by the numbers:

The following numbers are average increases among 15 athletes from Summer Grind 2018.

  • Squat: + 42 lbs.
  • Bench Press: + 22 lbs.
  • Deadlift: + 43 lbs.
  • Vertical Jump: 3.86 inches
  • Broad Jump: 3.14 inches
  • 10-yard Start: – 0.07 seconds
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle: – 0.15 seconds
  • Average Velocity: + 3.88 mph
  • Top Velocity: + 4.88 mph
  • Average Exit Velocity: + 7.25 mph
  • Top Exit Velocity: + 8.67 mph
  • Max Distance: 87.13 feet


  • Starts: Monday, June 3rd
  • Ends: Friday, August 9th




  • The program lasts ten weeks and is $1250. You can pay $1125 up front and save 10%. You can also pay in two installments $625 each. The plan covers an individualized strength program and either hitting or pitching lessons.

Contact us to get started or call 512-542-1023.

Summer Grind 32

Summer Grind 32 is a brand new 10 week course that we developed off of our original Summer Grind 88 course. We saw such awesome results with SG88 that we wanted to create a similar product for the athletes who are playing summer ball.

Our goal remains the same, we want every athlete to perform at the highest level possible. We are combining our strength and conditioning and skill training into one program to keep every athlete healthy and performing at their fullest potential. Each athlete will go through a Total Performance Screen. This includes a complete movement assessment that looks at static posture, breathing patterns, balance, range of motion, muscle activation, motor control and dynamic movement patterns. This will give the insight needed to fabricate a workout plan. All the pitchers will do a pitching assessment with Scott Lacey were he will help develop pitches and mechanics. Bobby Tewksbary (hitting coach for back-to-back MLB MVPs) will be assessing the hitters, as well as prescribing individualized hitting programs to address each athlete’s needs.

The basic difference between Summer Grind 88 and 32 is the total volume of skill training per week. For SG88 there are 8 hours of hitting and 8 hours of pitching per week. For SG32 there are 3 hours of hitting and 2 hours of pitching per week. The lower volume allows for the increase of volume played on the field.

Summer Grind 32 will have hitting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12pm – 1pm (3 hours/week) and Tuesday and Thursday will have pitchers working on their skill from 12pm – 1pm (2 hours/week).
All athletes will have from 1pm – 7pm to complete their daily strength and conditioning after they hit or pitch.


  • Starts: Monday, June 3rd
  • Ends: Friday, August 9th


  • The program lasts ten weeks and is $1000. You can pay $900 up front and save 10%. You can also pay in two installments $500 each. The plan covers an individualized strength program and either hitting or pitching lessons.

Contact us to get started or call 512-542-1023.

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