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Train Like the Sport You Play

Train Like the Sport You Play As coaches and athletes, we should be constantly searching for training methods that will improve the performance of the athlete in their specific sport. I believe that the blending of movement with resistance in patterns used for the sport will yield higher levels of athletic performance. We attempt to accomplish this with athletes in the facility by using implements readily found on the training floor to provide resistance in the movement they will use…

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Is Your Warm-up Leaving You Cold?

Is your warm-up leaving you cold? I recently had one of our youth athletes attend a select baseball tryouts and reported back to me what they had done for a warm-up prior to the practice. The ball players were told to run to the center field fence and return to the infield, where they were led in a series of static stretches. This is, sadly, very typical of the level of warm-up conducted at most practices. This was what was…

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