Some great finds to share this week as Baseball Spring Training gets started and many of our Youth, High School and College baseball/softball players are back out on the field.

Blue Jays’ Stroman adding sidearm delivery to keep hitters off-balance – This is what true athleticism allows you do.

“He attributes this ability to the core and lower-body strength that he generates from an unconventional training program that balances lifting, flexibility and core work.”

He also understands the challenges of being a one sided athlete:

“As athletes, as pitchers, we become extremely one-side dominant,” Stroman said. “I don’t believe in that.”

If he throws 90 pitches in a game, he’ll complete the same number of pitches left-handed afterwards. Sometimes he’ll hold the ball, other times he’ll release it. Gradually, he’s improving.”



This is incredible new research that has never been available before. Have you tried pitching with our Rapsodo Pitching monitor? Reach out to Scott Lacey and ask him about it.

We have also launched two new programs for our athletes this week: our Baseball in-season recovery program and an after school athletic club that includes hitting in the batting cage with HitTrax for youth baseball and softball players.